Wednesday, April 3, 2013

She Sings Along

Happy Easter!

My best friend told me her pastor talked about how we give up and sacrifice for 40 days before Easter with the practice of Lent and then we spend one day celebrating.  What if we celebrated a little bit everyday?!

I want to invite you, friend, to a new place where I will continue to write about my journey and the ways Jesus shows himself in the everyday messiness of our lives.

In the beginning of the year the verse Psalm 104:33 was illuminated for me.  It says this:

"I will sing to the Lord all of my days, I will sing praise to the Lord while I have my being."

For me, it painted a picture of a living musical.  I felt God begin to reveal to me that the reason he gave me a love for music, theater, even musical theater, is because of the power it has to tell a story.  Over the last four months I have been seeking and praying for what God has called me to next.

This is what I believe He has shown me:

Take care of those babies.  Love them.  Raise them up.  Teach them.  Give them loving discipline.  Pray for them.  Sing to them.

Love your husband.  Find ways to "wash his feet."  Pray for him without ceasing.   Sing with Him.

Surrender it all to The Lord.  Every last thing, surrender it.  Trust.  Pray.  Soak in His Word.  And, choose to sing along.  Choose to sing in the heights and choose to sing in the depths.  Choose to sing when the tears are choking the words and it is all I can do to only hum.  Choose to sing when my heart is bursting forth with the glad and the thank you's.

So, my friend, will you join me in this next chapter as,

She Sings Along. (Click the link and see the new thing!)

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